[Numpy-discussion] numpy 1.1.0 build can not find lahey (lf95) fortran compiler (short version)

Lewis E. Randerson lranderson@pppl....
Mon Jun 2 07:16:30 CDT 2008


When trying to build numpy 1.1.0 with python 2.5.2 on an RHEL3 32-bit
system, using command:
  python setup.py config_fc --fcompiler=lahey install &> install_LEW.log
I am seeing these warnings:
  warning: build_ext: f77_compiler=lahey is not available.
  warning: build_ext: extension 'numpy.linalg.lapack_lite' has Fortran \
    libraries but no Fortran linker found, using default linker

Then lapack_lite.so is linked incorrectly with gcc instead of lf95.  File
distutils/fcompiler/lahey.py is being read but the information inside is
not being used.

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