[Numpy-discussion] A memory problem: why does mmap come up in numpy.inner?

Dan Yamins dyamins@gmail....
Wed Jun 4 22:29:15 CDT 2008

What Charles pointed out was that while the inner product is very big,
> it seems to fit into memory on his 32-bit Linux machine; is it
> possible that OSX is preventing your python process from using even
> the meager 2-3 GB that a 32-bit process ought to get?

Yes -- I think this is what is happening, because it's choking on calling up
1.6 GiB

> In particular,
> try running Charles' script in a fresh python interpreter and see if
> it works; it may be that other arrays you had allocated are taking up
> some of the space that this one could.

I did try this a number of times.   The result was by starting python
freshly or deleting other arrays from memory, I am able to increase the size
of the largest array I can compute the inner product on.   However, even
with nothing else in memory other than numpy and the original matrix whose
inner product I'm taking
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