[Numpy-discussion] A memory problem: why does mmap come up in numpy.inner?

Jon Wright wright@esrf...
Thu Jun 5 07:06:42 CDT 2008

Michael Abshoff wrote:
> Jonathan Wright wrote:
>> ...etc. We needed this for generating the .so library file name for 
>> ctypes
> Can you elaborate on this a little? 

The "we" refered to another project (not numpy) where we needed to 
distinguish 32 bit from 64 bit platforms. We have code for picking which 
shared library file to use similar to that below.  Apologies if I've 
confused the issue.


if sys.platform == "linux2":
     if platform.architecture()[0] == '32bit':
         libfilename = 'libKLT32.so'
     if platform.architecture()[0] == '64bit':
         libfilename = 'libKLT64.so'
if sys.platform == "win32":
     libfilename = 'klt.dll'

_libraries['klt_bin'] = CDLL(
         os.path.join( os.path.split(__file__)[0],
	libfilename )

# If you still don't have it you probably have a mac??

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