[Numpy-discussion] Coverting ranks to a Gaussian

Dag Sverre Seljebotn dagss@student.matnat.uio...
Tue Jun 10 13:13:22 CDT 2008

Keith Goodman wrote:
> I'd rather not pull in a scipy dependency for one function if there is
> a numpy alternative. I think it is funny that you picked up on my
> brief mention of scipy and called it unreasonable.
(I didn't follow this exact discussion, arguing from general principles 
here about SciPy dependencies.) Try to look at it this way:

NumPy may solve almost all your needs, and you only need, say, 0.1% of 

Assume, then, that the same statement is true about n other people. The 
problem then is that the 0.1% that each person needs from SciPy does not 
typically overlap. So as n grows larger, and assuming that everyone use 
the same logic that you use, the amount of SciPy stuff that must be 
reimplemented on the NumPy discussion mailing list could become quite large.

(Besides, SciPy is open source, so you can always copy & paste the 
function from it if you only need one trivial bit of it. Not that I 
recommend doing that, but it's still better than reimplementing it 
yourself. Unless you're doing it for the learning experience of course.)

Dag Sverre

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