[Numpy-discussion] ma's maximum_fill_value function in 1.1.0

Reggie Dugard reggie@merfinllc....
Thu Jun 19 17:55:59 CDT 2008

This is just a minor question/problem with the new numpy.ma in version

Because maximum and minimum in ma lack an accumulate attribute, I've
duplicated the functionality using the
maximum_fill_value/minimum_fill_value functions and doing something

np.ma.masked_array(np.maximum.accumulate(np.ma.filled(x, np.ma.maximum_fill_value(x))), x.mask)

In version 1.0.4 of numpy, maximum_fill_value/minimum_fill_value were
located in ma's namespace so the above line would work.  In the latest
version,  the ma module has an __all__ which does not include
maximum_fill_value/minimum_fill_value and I'm forced to get them from
numpy.ma.core (which doesn't seem like a very clean way of doing it).

So I guess my question is:  was this done intentionally and if so why,
or can these functions be added to __all__ to get the old behavior

Thanks for your help with this.
Reggie Dugard <reggie@merfinllc.com>
Merfin, LLC

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