[Numpy-discussion] Cython headers in numpy include

Matthew Brett matthew.brett@gmail....
Thu Jun 19 18:18:19 CDT 2008


> Cython looks in the include_dirs for .pxd files, right? Then yes, I
> would support putting them alongside arrayobject.h.

Yes, right - Fernando just pointed me to the reference - quoting him:

"As indicated here:


the search path for 'cimport foo' to find foo.pxd is the -I search
path of the compiler"

> If possible, we
> should be careful to make sure that the .pxds work with Pyrex, too. I
> got burned recently by a change to .pxd semantics in Pyrex 0.9.8, so
> this could be tricky.

I don't have deep enough understanding of the differences to give a
reliable answer as to whether this is practical.  If it wasn't
practical, we could either standardize to Cython, or (less likely
surely) Pyrex, or have two sets of pxd files,


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