[Numpy-discussion] On my Cython/NumPy project

Rahul Garg garg1@ualberta...
Sat Jun 21 17:35:01 CDT 2008

> I am very worried about the negative numbers issue. It's the sort of
> thing that will readily lead to errors, and that produces a
> significant difference between cython and python. I understand the
> performance issues that motivate it, but cython really needs to be
> easy to use or we might as well just use C. As I understand it, the
> ultimate goal should be for users to be able to compile arbitrary
> python code for tiny speed improvements, then add type annotations for
> key variables to obtain large speed improvements. Forbidding negative
> indices now prevents that goal.

Since this also applies to my compiler unPython, I am adding this note.
In unPython, currently negative indices are not supported but I will  
support them in the next release. There will be a global compiler  
command line switch that will turn-on or turn-off the negative  
indices. Compiler will also try to infer if the indices are positive  
in a given loop.


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