[Numpy-discussion] SphinxDocString class in new numpy doc framework

Stéfan van der Walt stefan@sun.ac...
Mon Jun 30 01:14:41 CDT 2008

Hi Matt

The docstring for ``np.swapaxes`` is broken -- notice the indent after
the first line.  If you remove that, things should be fine:

In [31]: d =  np.swapaxes.__doc__

In [32]: d = d.split('\n')

In [33]: d[0] = '    Return a view of an array a with axis1 and axis2

In [34]: print SphinxDocString('\n'.join(d))

Return a view of an array a with axis1 and axis2 interchanged.


    **a** : array_like

        Input array.



2008/6/30 Matt Knox <mattknox_ca@hotmail.com>:
> I guess this question is mostly for Stefan... but I am trying to port the
> scikits.timeseries module wiki documentation into a sphinx framework, and
> also
> trying to follow the numpy doc string standards (which can't be parsed
> directly
> by sphinx), so I'm trying to use the SphinxDocString class in
> docscrape_sphinx.py to pre-process the doc strings. However, the doc strings
> do
> not seem to be getting processed correctly. I didn't dig deep into the
> issue,
> but I thought I'd ask first before I go any further in case I am approaching
> this incorrectly all together.
> If I try to process the numpy.swapaxes docstring for example, I get the
> following output (note the formatting of the parameters):
>>>> print SphinxDocString(np.swapaxes.__doc__)

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