[Numpy-discussion] confusion about eigenvector

devnew@gmai... devnew@gmai...
Sat Mar 1 01:27:05 CST 2008

> This example assumes that facearray is an ndarray.(like you described
> in original post ;-) ) It looks like you are using a matrix.

hi Arnar
thanks ..
a few doubts however

1.when i use say 10 images of 4X3 each
u, s, vt = linalg.svd(facearray, 0)
i will get vt of shape (10,12)
can't i take this as facespace? why do i need to get the transpose?
then i can take as eigface_image0= vt[0].reshape(imgwdth,imght)

2.this way (svd) is diff from covariance matrix method. if i am to do
it using the later ,how can i get the eigenface image data?

thanks for the help

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