[Numpy-discussion] fromfile (binary) double free or corruption

Travis E. Oliphant oliphant@enthought....
Sun Mar 2 10:36:05 CST 2008

Scott Ransom wrote:
> Seems like the bad call is the Py_DECREF(ret); on line 6316 of
> multiarraymodule.c, which occurs just after a PyDataMem_RENEW()
> (i.e. realloc) call.
> I tried to find recent changes in svn that might have caused this,
> but couldn't see anything that seemed relevant.  One thing that
> has changed recently on my system is that I'm now using the new
> glibc (v2.7) on Debian unstable.
This looks like the behavior of realloc has changed when called with 0 
as the size.    We should avoid calling realloc with a size of 0 as it 
looks like the behavior is different depending on libc.

Please check out the latest SVN and see if my fix improves things.

-Travis O.

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