[Numpy-discussion] Numpy/Cython Google Summer of Code project idea

Joris De Ridder Joris.DeRidder@ster.kuleuven...
Thu Mar 6 17:13:04 CST 2008

On 06 Mar 2008, at 19:15, Fernando Perez wrote:

> http://www.cython.org/
> is an evolved version of Pyrex (which is used by numpy and scipy) with
> lots of improvements.  We'd like to position Cython as the preferred
> way of writing most, if not all, new extension code written for numpy
> and scipy,  as it is easier to write, get right, debug (when you still
> get it wrong) and maintain than writing to the raw Python-C API.

Could you explain a bit more why you think this is the best path to  
Pyrex is kind of a dialect, so your extension modules would be nor  
python nor C, but a third language. Is this indeed easier to maintain?  
When you would like to use legacy C code for an extension, would you  
rewrite it in Cython? What are Cython's advantages compared to ctypes?


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