[Numpy-discussion] PCA on set of face images

David Bolme bolme1234@comcast....
Mon Mar 10 18:24:04 CDT 2008

The steps you describe here are correct.  I am putting together an  
open source computer vision library based on numpy/scipy.  It will  
include an automatic PCA algorithm with face detection, eye detection,  
PCA dimensionally reduction, and distance measurement.  If you are  
interested let me know and I will redouble my efforts to release the  
code soon.


On Feb 29, 2008, at 12:15 PM, devnew@gmail.com wrote:

> 1.represent  matrix of face images data
> 2.find the adjusted matrix by substracting the mean face
> 3.calculate covariance matrix (cov=A* A_transpose)  where A is from
> step2
> 4.find eigenvectors and select those with highest eigenvalues
> 5.calculate facespace=eigenvectors*A

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