[Numpy-discussion] dimensions too large error

David Cournapeau cournapeau@cslab.kecl.ntt.co...
Thu Mar 20 21:45:26 CDT 2008

On Fri, 2008-03-14 at 18:00 -0700, Dinesh B Vadhia wrote:
> For the following code:
> I = 18000
> J = 33000
> filename = 'ij.txt'
> A = scipy.asmatrix(numpy.empty((I,J), dtype=numpy.int))

You are asking to create a matrix of more than 2 Gb, which is unlikely
to work on a 32 bits OS (by default, most OS I know limit the memory
available to one process to 2 Gb). Even if you could go beyond this
limit (say 3 Gb of virtual adress space per process), you would still
certainly have problems because 2Gb of contiguous adress space is really

So either you have to use smaller matrices, or to use a 64 bits OS.



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