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Fri Mar 21 14:00:25 CDT 2008

But asmatrix returns a matrix object and any subsequent operation of it returns a matrix. What I am thinking about is a convenient way to apply matrix operation on an array.

BTW, A matrix is just a rank 2 tensor, so matrix (tensor) algebra can be applied to an arbitrary rank tensor, for example APL's . operator.


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On Fri, 21 Mar 2008, Nadav Horesh apparently wrote:
> I would like to see a unification of matrices and arrays. 
> I often do calculation which involve both array processing 
> and linear algebra, and the current solution of having 
> function like dot and inv is not aesthetic. Switching 
> between array and matrix types (or using .A attribute of 
> a matrix) is not convinient either. 

Use ``asmatrix``.  (Does not copy.)

After that the only needed "unification" I have
encountered is that iteration over a matrix should
return arrays (not matrices).  I believe this is
under consideration for 1.1.

Alan Isaac

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