[Numpy-discussion] Improving Docs on Wiki

Gary Strangman strang@nmr.mgh.harvard....
Fri Mar 21 14:37:31 CDT 2008

>>>   http://projects.scipy.org/scipy/numpy/wiki/CodingStyleGuidelines
>> I realize this is a bit of a johnny-come-lately comment, but I was
>> surprised to see that the list of sections does not seem to include the
>> single most common reason I usually try to access a doc string ... the
>> function signature.
> The function signature is automatically determined and shown for Python
> functions, both by help() and IPython ? or most tools that do generate
> docs from docstrings, adding it also to the docstring is extraneous.
> For functions implemented in C in extension modules, help() cannot find
> the signature automatically. However, the CodingStyleGuidelines does say
> that in this case including the function signature to the documentation
> is mandatory.

Fair enough. I guess I'm just old-school ... standard python shell and 
not-infrequently directly-accessing the __doc__ attribute, which does not 
provide a function signature. Time for an ol' dog to learn new habits ...


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