[Numpy-discussion] Openmp support (was numpy's future (1.1 and beyond): which direction(s) ?)

Francesc Altet faltet@carabos....
Sun Mar 23 07:47:09 CDT 2008

A Sunday 23 March 2008, David Cournapeau escrigué:
> Gnata Xavier wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I have a very limited knowledge of openmp but please consider this
> > testcase :
> Honestly, if it was that simple, it would already have been done for
> a long time. The problem is that your test-case is not even remotely
> close to how things have to be done in numpy.

Why not?  IMHO, complex operations requiring a great deal of operations 
per word, like trigonometric, exponential, etc..., are the best 
candidates to take advantage of several cores or even SSE instructions 
(not sure whether SSE supports this sort of operations, though).

At any rate, this is exactly the kind of parallel optimizations that 
make sense in Numexpr, in the sense that you could obtain decent 
speedups with multicore processors.


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