[Numpy-discussion] f2py functions, docstrings, and epydoc

Tom Loredo loredo@astro.cornell....
Wed Mar 26 16:49:26 CDT 2008

Hi folks-

Can anyone offer any tips on how I can get epydoc to produce
API documentation for functions in an f2py-produced module?
Currently they get listed in the generated docs as "Variables":

  	psigc = <fortran object at 0xa3e46b0>
  	sigctp = <fortran object at 0xa3e4698>
  	smll_offset = <fortran object at 0xa3e46c8>

Yet each of these objects is callable, and has a docstring.
The module itself has docs that give a 1-line signature for
each function, but that's only part of the docstring.

One reason I'd like to see the full docstrings documented by epydoc
is that, for key functions, I'm loading the functions into a
module and *changing* the docstrings, to have info beyond the
limited f2py-generated docstrings.

On a related question, is there a way to provide input to f2py for
function docstrings?  The manual hints that triple-quoted multiline
blocks in the .pyf can be used to provide documentation, but when
I add them, they don't appear to be used.


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