[Numpy-discussion] reconstruct image from eigenfaces

royG roygeorget@gmail....
Thu Mar 27 05:02:50 CDT 2008

i am trying to reconstruct face images from eigenfaces derrived from
original set of face images.
i represented orig images by an ndarray with each row for each image
and each column for pixel intensity.I sorted the eigenvectors such
that each row of sortedeigenvectors is an eigenvector(first row being
the most significant).
Thus my facespace has each row correspond to an eigenface image.

facespace=dot(sortedeigenvectors_rowwise,adjfaces)  where


also i calculated the weights matrix by
wk=dot(facespace[:selectednumberofEVectors,:],adjfaces.transpose() ).transpose()

Now I am trying to reconstruct the face images from this data.Since i
am still learning this technique i couldn't figure out how to do the
can someone help/advise?

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