[Numpy-discussion] missing function in numpy.ma?

Charles Doutriaux doutriaux1@llnl....
Thu Mar 27 10:28:27 CDT 2008

Hi Pierre,

No problem, let me know when you have something in. I can't be sure all 
I mentioned is all that's missing. It's all I got so far.
But since I can't get our end going. I can't really give you a 
comprehensive list of what's exactly missing. Hopefully this is all and 
it will work fine after your changes.

Thanks for doing this,


Pierre GM wrote:
> Charles,
>> all i was saying is that 1.0.4 was working great with the small
>> compatibility layer.
>> I even have a frozen version of 1.0.5 devel that works great. Then
>> suddenly everything broke.
> Could you be more specific ? Would you mind sending me bug reports so that I 
> can check what's going on and how to improve backwards compatibility ?
>> I was really happy was the layer of 1.0.4.
> We're talking about the 15-line long numpy.oldnumeric.ma, right ? The ones 
> that redefines "take" as to take the averages along some indices ? The only 
> difference between versions is that 1.0.5 uses numpy.ma instead of the old 
> numpy.core.ma. 
> [...]
> OK, now I see: there were some functions in numpy.core.ma that are not in 
> numpy.ma (identity, indices). So, the pb is not in the conversion layer, but 
> on numpy.ma itself. OK, that should be relatively easy to fix. Can you gimme 
> a day or two ? 
> Sorry for the delayed comprehension.
> P.
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