[Numpy-discussion] missing function in numpy.ma?

Charles Doutriaux doutriaux1@llnl....
Fri Mar 28 13:29:29 CDT 2008

Hi Pierre,

Hum... something is still broken. But maybe you can help me figuring out 
if something dramtically changed
We're defining a new class object MaskedVariable which inherit from our 
other class: AbstractVariable (in which we define a reorder function for 
the obects) and from MaskedArray (used to be from numpy.oldnumeric.ma.array)
Now when reading data from a file it complains that "MaskedArray" has no 
attribute "reorder", so that probably means that somewhere something 
failed in the initialisation of our object and it retuned a simple 
MaskedArray instead of an MaskedVariable... But since the only changes 
are from numpy, i wonder if the inheritance form MaskedArray is somehow 
different from the one from MA.array ?

Any clue on where to start looking would be great,



Pierre GM wrote:
> Charles,
>> I just tested it out, I'm still missing
>> from numpy.oldnumeric.ma import common_fill_value , set_fill_value
>> which breaks the code later
> Turns out I had forgotten to put the functions in numpy.ma.core.__all__: they 
> had been already coded all along... That's fixed in SVN4950
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