[Numpy-discussion] Project for Cython integration with NumPy

Dag Sverre Seljebotn dagss@student.matnat.uio...
Mon Mar 31 17:52:01 CDT 2008

> I am going to apply for a Google Summer of Code project about "Developing
> Cython towards better NumPy integration" (Cython: http://cython.org).
> Anyone interested in how this is done can have a look at the links below,
> any feedback is welcome.
> The application I am going to submit (to Python Foundation):
> http://wiki.cython.org/DagSverreSeljebotn/soc

I now have time to actively discuss and improve it so any feedback from
the NumPy community is greatly appreciated. See especially:


(I have submitted the application to Google, but they have extended the
application period by one week, and most of the NumPy specifics are in the
Cython wiki anyway).

Dag Sverre

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