[Numpy-discussion] code using Numeric and LinearAlgebra

gordon nodrogbrown@gmail....
Mon Mar 31 18:06:59 CDT 2008

i came across some code that uses calls like
LinearAlgebra.eigenvectors(L) and Numeric.matrixmultiply(v, x) which
gives compilation errors on my new numpy installation.Is it possible
to get such code compiled while using new version of numpy?

when evalues, evectors = LinearAlgebra.eigenvectors(L) is computed for
a symmetric covariance matrix L ,how are eigenvectors arranged in
evectors? are they in columns?can i simply replace the above  call by

Similarly can i just replace Numeric.matrixmultiply(v, x) with
numpy.dot() ,
or is there something i must watch for in the above two cases?

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