[Numpy-discussion] Uncomfortable with matrix change

Anne Archibald peridot.faceted@gmail....
Fri May 9 09:43:46 CDT 2008

2008/5/9 Travis Oliphant <teoliphant@gmail.com>:

> After Nathan Bell's recent complaints, I'm a bit more uncomfortable with
> the matrix change to scalar indexing.   It does and will break code in
> possibly hard-to-track down ways.   Also, Nathan has been a *huge*
> contributor to the Sparse matrix in scipy and so I value his opinion
> about the NumPy matrix.  One of my goals is to have those two objects
> work together a bit more seamlessly.
> So, I think we need to:
> 1) Add a warning to scalar access
> 2) Back-out the change and fix all the places where NumPy assumes
> incorrectly that the number of dimensions reduce on PySequence_GetItem.
> Opinions?

This is certainly the conservative approach.

How much code is broken by this, compared to (say) the amount broken
by the disappearance of numpy.core.ma? Is this our biggest single API

I do agree that we should be paying attention to people who are
actually using matrices, so I won't enter a vote.


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