[Numpy-discussion] Going toward time-based release ?

Matthieu Brucher matthieu.brucher@gmail....
Tue May 13 10:43:33 CDT 2008

> > I tried something similar with figleaf on my own code, but it seems that
> > every test that is decorated with @raises is not tested. Does your
> coverage
> > include these tests ? I didn't change much of your script to do it.
> >  I tried the pinocchio nose extension as well, but it seems it is not
> > compatible with figleaf anymore :| (there is a thread on the testing ML,
> but
> > no answers so far :|)
> I don't know about the "@raises" parameter.  Those aren't used in
> NumPy at the moment.  I also don't know which mechanism figleaf uses
> to track coverage, but if you investigte the issue further, please
> keep us up to date.

It seems I've made the mistake. I added the type of exception that could be
raised and now figleaf tells me that the code is tested.
An remaining annoyance is the __init__.py file that is always not 100%
tested if you have a blanck line, or a file with __all__ that is not
imported with from module import *

A tleast, it shows that every line of code is tested at least once, even if
every path is not tested ;)

Thanks for the example with numpy ;)

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