[Numpy-discussion] Tagging 1.1rc1 in about 12 hours

Pearu Peterson pearu@cens.ioc...
Fri May 16 02:38:36 CDT 2008

Jarrod Millman wrote:
> Hello,
> I believe that we have now addressed everything that was holding up
> the 1.1.0 release, so I will be tagging the 1.1.0rc1 in about 12
> hours.  Please be extremely conservative and careful about any commits
> you make to the trunk until we officially release 1.1.0 (now may be a
> good time to spend some effort on SciPy).  Once I tag the release
> candidate I will ask both David and Chris to create Windows and Mac
> binaries.  I will give everyone a few days to test the release
> candidate and binaries thoroughly.  If everything looks good, the
> release candidate will become the official release.
> Once I tag 1.1.0, I will open the trunk for 1.1.1 development.  Any
> development for 1.2 will have to occur on a new branch.

I am working with the ticket 752 at the moment and I would probably
not want to commit my work to 1.1.0 at this time, so I shall commit
when trunk is open as 1.1.1.
My question regarding branching: how the changes from 1.1.1 will end up 
into 1.2 branch?


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