[Numpy-discussion] svd in numpy

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Mon May 19 20:27:34 CDT 2008

Bruce Southey wrote:
> Nripun Sredar wrote:
>> I am running on Windows Xp, Intel Xeon CPU. I'd like to fill in a few 
>> more things here. If I send 0 in the second and third argument of svd 
>> then I get the singular_values, but if its 1 then the problem 
>> persists. I've tried this on sparse and non-sparse matrices. This is 
>> with the latest windows binaries numpy-1.0.4.win32-py2.5.msi.

There was a problem with the way those binaries were built, depending on 
your CPU. Hopefully, the new binary for 1.1.0 will not have this problem 
anymore. When available, please test it and report whether it is working 
or not for you,



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