[Numpy-discussion] new numpy docs, missing function and parse error - dirichlet distribution

Pauli Virtanen pav@iki...
Thu May 22 12:30:21 CDT 2008

to, 2008-05-22 kello 09:51 -0700, joep kirjoitti:
> On May 22, 11:11 am, joep <josef.p...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > When looking for this, I found that the Dirichlet distribution is
> > missing from the new Docstring Wiki,http://sd-2116.dedibox.fr/doc/Docstrings/numpy/random
> Actually, a search on the wiki finds dirichlet in
> http://sd-2116.dedibox.fr/doc/Docstrings/numpy/random/mtrand/dirichlet
> I found random/mtrand only through the search, it doesn't seem to be
> linked from anywhere

It's not in __all__ of numpy.random, and is stripped from the content
list because of that.

> Is it intentional that function that are imported inside numpy might
> have the same docstring assigned to several different wiki pages, and
> might get edited on different pages?
> Since all distribution (except for dirichlet) are included in
> numpy.random.__all__, these distribution show up on two different
> pages, e.g.
> http://sd-2116.dedibox.fr/doc/Docstrings/numpy/random/poisson
> and
> http://sd-2116.dedibox.fr/doc/Docstrings/numpy/random/mtrand/poisson

It is not intentional. And for the majority of cases this does not
happen, and I can fix this for numpy.random.mtrand. Thanks for


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