[Numpy-discussion] new numpy docs, missing function and parse error - dirichlet distribution

joep josef.pktd@gmail....
Thu May 22 13:28:53 CDT 2008

On May 22, 1:30 pm, Pauli Virtanen <p...@iki.fi> wrote:
> to, 2008-05-22 kello 09:51 -0700, joep kirjoitti:

> It is not intentional. And for the majority of cases this does not
> happen, and I can fix this for numpy.random.mtrand. Thanks for
> reporting.

I was looking some more at the __all__ statements and trying to figure
out what the system/idea behind the imports and exposure of functions
at different places is. I did not find any other full duplication as
with mtrand so far.

However, when I do a search on the DocWiki for example for arccos (or
log, log10, exp, tan,...), I see it 9 times, and it is not clear which
ones refer to the same docstring and where several imports of the same
function are picked up separately, and which ones refer to actually
different functions in the source.

numpy.lookfor('arccos') yields 3 results, with 3 different doc
strings, the other 6 might be duplicates.

has the most informative docstring
In numpy it is exposed as ``numpy.emath.arccos``

A recommendation for docstring editing might be to verify duplicates
and copy doc strings if the function is (almost) duplicated or
triplicated in the numpy source and possibly cross link different

When I start from the DocWiki front page, I seem to be able to follow
links only to one version of any docstring, but any search leads to
the multiple exposer of the same function.


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