[Numpy-discussion] Buildbot errors.

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Sat May 24 02:31:55 CDT 2008

Anne Archibald wrote:
> This particular
> feature - seterr - is the sort of thing an overaggressive optimizer
> can easily butcher, though, so it could easily be the result of the
> particular configuration on the buildbot machine.

gcc claims to be IEEE compliant at all level of optimizations (-O*):


           Sets -fno-math-errno, -funsafe-math-optimizations, 
-fno-trapping-math, -ffinite-math-only, -fno-rounding-math, 
-fno-signaling-nans and fcx-limited-range.

           This option causes the preprocessor macro "__FAST_MATH__" to 
be defined.

           This option should never be turned on by any -O option since 
it can result in incorrect output for programs which depend on an exact 
implementation of IEEE or ISO rules/specifications for math functions.


So I don't think that's the problem.



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