[Numpy-discussion] Dot in C extension

jordan@math.ucs... jordan@math.ucs...
Sun May 25 00:29:10 CDT 2008

Hi all,

I'm trying to write a Gauss-Seidel function in C++. The function works
however it is too slow because I'm not using any acceleration for the
vector multiplication. I'm not really sure how to access the dot function
in my extension, nor what all the arguments are for.

Is this the right function to use (found in ndarrayobject.h):

typedef void (PyArray_DotFunc)(void *, npy_intp, void *, npy_intp, void *,
                               npy_intp, void *);

I guess the voids are array objects, the two to be dotted and the output.
What's the fourth?

Thanks all!

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