[Numpy-discussion] Current ufunc signatures for review

Pauli Virtanen pav@iki...
Sun May 25 13:42:13 CDT 2008

su, 2008-05-25 kello 12:12 -0600, Charles R Harris kirjoitti:
> 1) Help strings on ufuncs don't work. This seems to be a problem with the help function, as
>    printing the relevant __doc__ works fine. The docstrings are currently defined in
>    code_generators/generate_umath.py and add_newdoc doesn't seem to work for them.

Yes, this is a problem with the help function. In pydoc.py in the Python
standard library:

def doc(...):
        if not (inspect.ismodule(object) or
                inspect.isclass(object) or
                inspect.isroutine(object) or
                inspect.isgetsetdescriptor(object) or
                inspect.ismemberdescriptor(object) or
                isinstance(object, property)):
            # If the passed object is a piece of data or an instance,
            # document its available methods instead of its value.
            object = type(object)

Is it possible to make one of the above conditions True for ufuncs?

Pauli Virtanen

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