[Numpy-discussion] New documentation web application

Stéfan van der Walt stefan@sun.ac...
Thu May 29 17:28:08 CDT 2008

Hi all,

The NumPy documentation project has taken another leap forward!  Pauli
Virtanen has, in a week of superhuman coding, produced a web
application that enhances the work-flow and editing experience of
NumPy docstrings on the web.

Unfortunately, this means that those of you who signed up before will
have to create new accounts at


Please, don't let this put you off!  You have made great contributions
so far, and you *will* see these changes in the next release of NumPy
(1.2).  Being able to say that you wrote part of the NumPy
documentation certainly is something to be proud of!

Please mail me or Pauli your usernames, and we shall add you to the
editor or reviewer groups ASAP.

The new web application has a number of advantages:

 - We can set the status of docstrings, e.g., modfied, in need of
review, reviewed, in need of proof, proofed etc.
 - We can easy keep the docstrings in sync with the current SVN.  This
means that the developers can add to the docstrings without adversely
influencing our effort.
 - We can keep track of documentation statistics, e.g., how many
docstrings have an Examples section?
 - Docstrings are parsed according to the documentation standard, and
displays as they would be in the reference guide.

Again, please register at


To all those who have contributed so far, a big thank you!  It is
because of you that the author field of the Reference Guide reads "The
Numpy Community".


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