[Numpy-discussion] (Late) summary of PEP-225 discussion at Scipy

Fernando Perez fperez.net@gmail....
Tue Nov 4 17:59:22 CST 2008

Hi everyone,

thanks for all the feedback.  Last call on this one.  If nobody
objects to the language that's written here:


in a couple of days I'll toss this over to python-dev.  At that point
it will be up to Guido and that team to decide what to do with the

I encourage everyone with an interest in this topic to provide the
python-dev team with further feedback if they raise any questions
(they likely will).  I don't expect them to come over to the numpy
list to ask us questions.

I will  let people know when I send the info to python-dev so you can
keep an eye on that list (which can be browsed via gmane, so you don't
even need to subscribe).



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