[Numpy-discussion] Numpy.test() hangs

James Philbin philbinj@gmail....
Tue Nov 11 14:08:45 CST 2008

> My guess is that this is a libm/gcc problem on x86_64, perhaps depending on
> the flags libm was compiled with. What distro are you using?
Ubuntu 8.10 amd64

> Can you try plain old log/log10 also? I'll try to put together some c code
> you can use to check things also so that you can file a bug report with the
> distro if the problem persists.
log/log10 are fine:

In [4]: numpy.log(numpy.array([3],dtype='f'))
Out[4]: array([ 1.09861231], dtype=float32)

In [5]: numpy.log10(numpy.array([3],dtype='f'))
Out[5]: array([ 0.47712123], dtype=float32)

I tried the following c code which also runs fine:
#include <stdio.h>
#include <math.h>

  double r = log1p((double)1.0);

  printf("%f\n", r);

  return 0;

Compiled with gcc -g -O2 log1ptest.c -o log1ptest. Maybe it's only
triggered on some cryptic combination of cflags?

It's not a function i'm likely to every use, but i'm curious to know
what's wrong.


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