[Numpy-discussion] Bugs in histogram and matplotlib-hist

Scott Sinclair sinclaird@ukzn.ac...
Wed Nov 12 06:30:47 CST 2008

> "Mike Ressler" <mike.ressler@alum.mit.edu> 11/12/08 1:19 AM
> I did an update to a Fedora 9 workstation yesterday that included
> updating numpy to 1.2.0 and matplotlib 0.98.3 (python version is
> 2.5.1). This seems to have played havoc with some of the histogram
> plotting we do. I was aware of the histogram changes in 1.2.0, but
> something doesn't seem to have worked out right.

Hi Mike,

Someone else just posted regarding this problem on the matplotlib list


They reported that the Fedora 9 matplotlib package is 0.91.4, which doesn't work with numpy-1.2.0. Perhaps the matplotlib on your system isn't what you expect?

It looks as if there's a problem with the Fedora packaging, the current release of matplotlib is 0.98.3.


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