[Numpy-discussion] Bugs in histogram and matplotlib-hist

Mike Ressler mike.ressler@alum.mit....
Wed Nov 12 12:27:02 CST 2008

On Wed, Nov 12, 2008 at 4:30 AM, Scott Sinclair <sinclaird@ukzn.ac.za> wrote:
>> "Mike Ressler" <mike.ressler@alum.mit.edu> 11/12/08 1:19 AM
>> I did an update to a Fedora 9 workstation yesterday that included
>> updating numpy to 1.2.0 and matplotlib 0.98.3 (python version is
> They reported that the Fedora 9 matplotlib package is 0.91.4, which doesn't work with numpy-1.2.0. Perhaps the matplotlib on your system isn't what you expect?

Argh! The one thing I didn't doublecheck before posting - you are
correct, Scott; the Fedora box has 0.91.4; the machines I personally
use more regularly have 0.98.3 on Archlinux. I'll see what can be done
with package updating before I start patching. Thanks for pointing
this out.



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