[Numpy-discussion] toward python 2.6: mtrand, gettimeofday and mingw

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Fri Nov 14 03:11:53 CST 2008

Charles R Harris wrote:
> It builds on Debian SPARC lenny also. The freeBSD buildbot has a
> configuration problem because  Daniel tried to help you out by
> building ATLAS, but I think 1.3 is now building on all the standard
> platforms.

FreeBSD ATLAS port looked buggy to me when I tried, because it depended
on some math functions like sqrtl which are not in the FreeBSD library
(they are commented out in the math.h, and the symbols are not in the
library). If you build without ATLAS, it works OK, so for me, this has
nothing to do with us anymore.

I can point out where to look to someone who uses FreeBSD, though.



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