[Numpy-discussion] numpy and python 2.6 on windows: please test

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Mon Nov 17 07:56:58 CST 2008


    I think I finally solve most serious issues for numpy on python 2.6
on windows. I would appreciate if people would test building numpy
(trunk); in particular since some issues are moderately complex and
system dependent, I am interested in the following configurations:
    - python installed for a single user (that is is installed as non
admin), particularly on VISTA, build with mingw
    - mingw builds on XP and VISTA with python installed globally (e.g.
in C:\Python26).

Builds with VS 2008 are less interesting for me (e.g. it should work).
The actual test suite results are not that interesting either at this
point (I see 3 failures and one error ATM on XP). Basically, if you can
build and import numpy at all, it is good :)



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