[Numpy-discussion] glibc memory corruption when running numpy.test()

Hoyt Koepke hoytak@cs.ubc...
Thu Nov 20 02:26:50 CST 2008


Sorry; my first message wasn't under 40 KB with the attachments, so
here's the same message but with the log files at

> Which ones ?

Sorry; ATLAS = 3.9.4 and lapack=3.2.  I'll give 3.8.2 a shot per your advice.

> You should not do that, it won't work as you would expect. It is a good
> rule to assume that you should never set the *FLAGS variable unless you
> really know what you are doing.

Fair enough.  In my case I was having some issues with 32 bit and 64
bit mismatches (I think that fftw defaulted to 32 bit), so I set the
flags variables.  I also wanted to get the extra few percent of
performance by using the tuning flags.  I'll back up a bit now before
playing with them now, though.

> First, can you try without any blas/lapack (Do BLAS=None LAPACK=None
> ATLAS=None python setup.py ....) ?

This now works in the sense that it doesn't hang.  I still get a
number of test failures, however (build + test logs attached).

Thanks a lot for the help!


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