[Numpy-discussion] ANN: numpy.i - added managed deallocation to ARGOUTVIEW_ARRAY1 (ARGOUTVIEWM_ARRAY1)

Egor Zindy ezindy@gmail....
Thu Nov 20 04:15:21 CST 2008

Christopher Barker wrote:
> thanks! good stuff.
> It would be great if you could put that in the numpy (scipy?) wiki 
> though, so more folks will find it.
> -Chris
Hello Chris,

no problems, you are absolutely right, this is where the documents will 
have to eventually end up for maximum visibility. There is already a bit 
of numpy + SWIG in the cookbook, but that could well have been written 
before numpy.i


For added exposure, there is also the numpy.i document written by Bill 
Spotz. That could do with more examples (separate document maybe). The 
lack of examples is what prompted me to write my wiki in the first place!

I've also updated my other document with a more credible ARGOUTVIEW 
example. The part about numpy+SWIG+MinGW is now dwarfed by the body of 
numpy.i examples (not necessary a good thing).

Plus all the examples are ARRAY1, people have also asked for some ARRAY2 
/ ARRAY3 examples and FORTRAN arrays (which I don't know anything about 
I'm afraid).

Here are the two wikis so far:

Still looking for a good name for my "argout arrays with managed 
deallocation"... After writing my ARGOUTVIEW example, I am not even sure 
my addition to numpy.i should be called a "view" anymore.

How does ARGOUTMAD_ARRAY sound? (for Managed Allocation / Deallocation) :-)


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