[Numpy-discussion] Old-style classes in tests

Tom Wright tom.wright@resolversystems....
Mon Nov 24 09:44:11 CST 2008

I am currently working on the Ironclad project porting numpy to Ironpython.

It would be quite useful for me if HermitianTestCase in test_linalg.py 
was a new style-class instead of an old-style class - since Ironpython 
has a bug where dir operations do not work for classes inheriting from 
both old- and new- style classes and I'd very much prefer not to patch 
my version of numpy.

In general, it would be useful if whenever this multiple inheritence 
pattern is used new-style classes are used rather than old style 
classes. This would require the following classes to change:
test_numerictypes  - create_values, read_values_plain, read_values_nested
test_print - create_zeros, create_values, assign_values, byteorder_values
test_io - Roundtriptest
test_linalg -  LinalgTestCase, HermitianTestCase

Would people be ameniable to these change?

Thank you very much for your help,
Tom Wright

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