[Numpy-discussion] Problems building numpy on solaris 10 x86

Peter Norton spacey-numpy-discussion@lenin....
Tue Nov 25 17:54:08 CST 2008

Back in the beginning of the summer, I jumped through a lot of hoops to
build numpy+scipy on solaris, 64-bit with gcc. I received a lot of help from
David C., and ended up, by some very ugly hacking, building an acceptable
numpy+scipy+matplotlib trio for use at my company.

However, I'm back at it again trying to build the same tools in both a
32-bit abi and a 64-bit ABI. I'm starting with the 32-bit build, because I
suspect it'd be simpler (less trouble adding things like -m64 and other such
flags). However, I've run into a very basic problem right at the get-go.
This time instead of bothering David at the beginning of my build, I was
hoping that other people may have experience to contribute to resolving my

Here is my build environment:

1) gcc-4.3.1
2) Solaris 10 update 3
3) sunperf libraries (for blas+lapack support)

I can provide more detail since that's not a very specific list.

Anyway, when I try building numpy-1.2.1 after setting up my site.cfg and
build-related environment this is what I get:

Setting the site.cfg
Running from numpy source directory.
F2PY Version 2_5972
non-existing path in 'numpy/core': 'code_generators/array_api_order.txt'
scons: Reading SConscript files ...

scons: warning: Ignoring missing SConscript
line 108, in DistutilsSConscript
scons: done reading SConscript files.
scons: Building targets ...
scons: *** [Errno 2] No such file or directory:
scons: building terminated because of errors.
error: Error while executing scons command. See above for more information.
If you think it is a problem in numscons, you can also try executing the
command with --log-level option for more detailed output of what numscons is
doing, for example --log-level=0; the lowest the level is, the more detailed
the output it.

then similar errors repeat themselves over and over including ignoreing
missing SConscript, and no sconsign.dblite file, until the build bombs out.

I've got numscons installed from pypi:
>>> import numscons.version
>>> numscons.version.VERSION

Can anyone get me on the right track here?


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