[Numpy-discussion] xml-rpc with numpy arrays

Vincent Schut schut@sarvision...
Wed Oct 1 03:47:09 CDT 2008

Lisandro Dalcin wrote:
> I believe xmlrpclib is currently the simpler approach. Some day I'll
> have the time to implement something similar using MPI communication
> with mpi4py. However, I believe it can be done even better: local,
> client-side proxies should automatically provide access to all
> members/methods of remote, server-side instances. The registering step
> needed within xmlrpclib is a bit ugly ;-)
Try pyro: <http://pyro.sourceforge.net/> or rpyc: 
<http://rpyc.wikispaces.com/>, both of which if I recall correctly, do 
implement this.


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