[Numpy-discussion] Vectorization of the product of several matrices ?

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Wed Oct 1 15:46:10 CDT 2008

Hello and thank you for your answer.

> There are at least three methods I can think of, but choosing the best one
> requires more information. How long are the lists? Do the arrays have
> variable dimensions? The simplest and most adaptable method is probably

The lists would be made of 4x4 matrices :
LM = [M_i, i=1..N], M_i 4x4 matrix
LN = [N_i, i=1..N], N_i 4x4 matrix.

N would be 1000 or more (why not 100000... if the computation is not too long) 

> In [3]: P = [m*n for m,n in zip(M,N)]

Thank you for this one. I am curious about other possibilities.

And also : is there a document about how the python interpreter works ? (order of the operations, typical timings, ...)



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