[Numpy-discussion] Array shape

Ryan May rmay31@gmail....
Fri Oct 3 11:44:23 CDT 2008

Kelly Vincent wrote:
> I'm using Numpy to do some basic array manipulation, and I'm getting
> some unexpected behavior from shape. Specifically, I have some 3x3 and
> 2x2 matrices, and shape gives me (5, 3) and (3, 2) for their respective
> sizes. I was expecting (3, 3) and (2, 2), for number of rows, number of
> columns. I'm assuming I must either be misunderstanding what shape gives
> you or doing something wrong. Can anybody give me any advice? I'm using
> Python 2.5 and Numpy 1.1.0.

Can you post a complete, minimal example that shows the problem you
have?  For an array object A, A.shape should give the shape you're


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