[Numpy-discussion] fast matrix vector operations

Xavier Gnata xavier.gnata@gmail....
Sat Oct 4 11:13:54 CDT 2008

> Suppose I have a toeplitz matrix, A.  There is a well known algorithm  
> for computing the matrix vector product Ax, in NlogN operations.  An  
> exact reference escapes me, but it may be in Golub & van Loan's book.
> My question is, how could I best take advantage of this algorithm  
> within numpy/scipy?
> I could code it python.  However, since python is a high level  
> language, it's not clear to me that I'd see an execution time benefit  
> over numpy.dot(A,x).  Alternatively, I could write it in a compiled  
> language and build python bindings to it.
> Thoughts?
> -gideon

weave.inline or pyrex.

BTW, is there a good introduction to weave.inline ?
I had an hard time to learn/guess it.


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