[Numpy-discussion] Merged clean_math_config branch

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Sun Oct 5 03:25:39 CDT 2008

Hi there,

    Just to mention that I merged back my changes from the
clean_math_config branch into trunk. The main point of the branch is to
clean our math configuration. If this causes problems, please report it.
I  built and tested on mac os x, linux 32 bits and windows (both mingw32
and VS 2003). It breaks windows 64 bits ATM, but this will be fixed
soon. The numscons built is broken as well, but the missing features are
already backported from numpy.distutils to numscons; a new working
version of numscons is about to be released.

Some details for the record:
    - more code is platform independent, with platform specifics math
functions at one location
    - instead of platform-specific heuristics, every function is tested
at the configuration stage. Some distutils.command.config
functionalities were improved to make this process as fast as before for
relatively standard-compliant platforms (mac os X and linux are as fast
to build as before).
    - the distutils.command.config.check_func can now detect MS
intrinsics (functions which are not visible without optimization flags).
    - should also be more robust for non standard platforms (MS
compilers, mostly).

In the process, a few hundred lines of C code have been removed.


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