[Numpy-discussion] ImportError: No module named ma

John Harrold john.m.harrold@gmail....
Tue Oct 7 14:40:25 CDT 2008

Sometime in October, St?fan van der Walt proposed the following: 

| Could you give us the version of NumPy that you are using?
| >>> import numpy
| >>> print numpy.__version__
| As far as I recall, the masked array module was always available as
| numpy.ma, but maybe I'm wrong.  Could you try the following:
| >>> import numpy
| >>> print numpy.core.ma

Howdy Stefan and Pierre

This should answer both of your questions:

>>> import numpy
>>> print numpy.__version__
>>> print numpy.core.ma
<module 'numpy.core.ma' from

I actually installed 1.2.0 using the installation package for OS X.
However, I have no idea where it was installed to and how to instruct
python to use the new one over the old.

 John M Harrold              

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