[Numpy-discussion] collecting the bluest pixels

Christopher Barker Chris.Barker@noaa....
Tue Oct 7 15:53:44 CDT 2008

paul taney wrote:
> Thank you Stefan and Anne for such quick replies.
> I am writing a gimp plugin


> I get a divide by zero error on 
>     np.divide(image[...,BLU], image[...,GRN], B)
> ...and I dont understand this well enough to diagnose.  Any ideas?

you're dividing the value of Blue by the value of green, so if there is 
zero green, yes, you will get a divide by zero error.

I wonder if the euclidian norm would make sense for this application:

HowFarFromBlue = np.sqrt((255-image[...,BLU])**2 +
                          image[...,GRN]**2 +

smaller numbers would be bluest -- pure blue would be 0, pure red 360, 

One thing I like about this is that your "blue" may not exactly be an 
RBG blue -- so you could see how "far" a given pixel was from any given 
color -- in your case, whatever your blue is. Then it would be something 

r, g, b = ref_color

HowFarFromRefColor = np.sqrt((r - image[...,RED])**2 +
                              (g - image[...,GRN])**2 +
                              (b - image[...,BLU])**2

NOTE: I know nothing of image prcessing -- I"ll be there is are some 
standard ways to determine how "close" two colors are.


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