[Numpy-discussion] can't build numpy 1.2.0 under python 2.6 (windows-amd64) using VS9

Ravi lists_ravi@lavabit....
Wed Oct 8 08:41:23 CDT 2008

On Wednesday 08 October 2008 03:39:32 David Cournapeau wrote:
> Note that 1.2.0 does not officially support python 2.6, specially on
> windows. Because python 2.6 uses a new toolchain (VS 2008 by default
> instead of 2003), it requires some non trivial changes.

How extensive are these non-trivial changes? I could help test any changes. My 
problem is one that should be familiar to most people working in a large 
organization. I am trying to sneak in python+scipy as a replacement for 
Matlab, mostly by ensuring that python is used as the embedded scripting 
language for a signal processing simulation platform. (The ability to embed 
python, especially with seamless interoperability between numpy arrays and 
boost ublas vectors/matrices, is something Matlab cannot match.) 

The majority of my colleagues work on Windows and are very resistant to 
toolset changes. Hence, from my perspective, whenever a new project starts, it 
is very important to start with the latest version of any software packages 
used. Usually, over the typical 3-4 year lifetime of a project, the tools are 
never updated unless there is an absolutely critical bug fix. We are still on 
python 2.2 for a couple of currently active projects (neither of which uses 
numpy). For the next project, I was hoping to use Python 2.6 + numpy 1.2 as 
the base versions, but that seems unworkable now.

> I hope that all those changes will be in place for numpy 1.3,

Is there an idea of the timeframe for numpy 1.3?


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